MOROZ CERAMICS is a local brand of handmade ceramic tableware and home decor by Katya Moroz. The assortment includes many universal products, each of which can be used both as dishes and for decorative purposes. The brand is based on the idea of courage to be yourself, not be afraid to show yourself from different sides and surround yourself with those things and people that we really like, because it helps a lot not to lose yourself in our big world. 


Having an independent production allows us to collaborate with different people and brands, and create new interesting projects. We are always glad to meet new people, so write to us, let's create cool things together!


We have fix price for shipping from Russia to anyway!

World Shipping

I send it by Post. Fix price for any country  - 20€

All orders have secure packing.

Shipping time - 7-25 days depending on your country.